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Helping changemakers drive the circular transition locally

Dive into national data-driven insights and turn your sustainability goals into circular actions.

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One dashboard for data, actions and insights

Set your goals

Centered around the achievement of national climate targets, MyGanbatte helps you link circular economy progress to national ambitions.
Types of goals:
 Circularity Gap
 Net zero
 Employment data
 Custom goals

Identify priority areas of intervention

Using data from a variety of sources, understand your circular economy baseline and contextualize it with socioeconomic and sustainability data.
 Material flow analysis
 Social and biophysical planetary boundaries
 Jobs data

Support implementation of circular strategies

Designed to help you engage with Businesses, Cities, and Nations, our full digital suite helps you find actionable insights and monitor your circular progress over time.
 Assess circularity knowledge and progress of your clients
 Customise assessments and learnings to your context
 Inspire action through examples of local implementation
At Circle Economy, we use our ten years of groundbreaking research on the circular economy to

double our global circularity to 17%


Powerful data and knowledge partnerships

Data for
Data for
Global case studies

We are facing a big challenge, but we can do it:

Ganbatte means moving into action, despite the challenges you face. To really accelerate circularity globally, we need to leverage digital technology and your local expertise to scale!

Become a circular change maker

We are searching for pioneering organisations to rally and support entrepreneurial business leaders, brave city officials, and charismatic governments that dare to lead and become future-proof.

Get your dashboard and start driving circularity!

– Ivonne Bojoh, CEO at Circle Economy Foundation

With MyGanbatte, we’re launching a digital platform that offers knowledge, actionable insights and tools to support the implementation of practical circular economy solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

– Ivonne Bojoh, CEO at Circle Economy Foundation

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Ganbatte helps you explore data-driven insights, solutions, tools and practical examples of the circular economy that can help your city achieve its climate and sustainability goals.

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